Safe Holiday

For us, your health and that of your loved ones are a precious asset to be preserved and for this reason we follow the following prophylaxis:

  • Maintain correct prevention behaviors to ensure compliance with hygiene and safety protocols
  • Sanitize the room at every departure to secure the next guest with a safe and safe environment
  • Clean and sanitize common areas several times a day
  • Ensure and enforce the safety distance
  • Sanitize all the surfaces of greatest contact several times a day (such as the reception desk, the lifts and their buttons, the handles, the switches, the handrails, the bathrooms in the common areas and the room keys)
  • Offer hand sanitizer dispensers in all common areas
  • Constantly ventilate all environments
  • Make disposable gloves and masks available to our guests
  • Maintain the right distance between tables in the restaurant room

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